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August 2, 2008

Bedtime Tricks

Hannah has a new dastardly plan for bedtimes. It’s more evil than crying for three hours straight.

Tonight, after I put her down in the crib, she smiled and smiled and cooed at me. And picked up toys and waved them at me, smiling. And when I leaned down to smile back and talk to her, she laughed.

Hannah Scheming


She doesn’t laugh. She has a giggle that sounds like a cough, and when she really gets into it, people are like, “is your baby choking?” And I say, “no, she just thinks you’re funny.” And sometimes she manages to break her cough into an actual one-note-peal of a giggle. But tonight she laughed. And then she laughed again. And then she laughed until it turned into a squeal. And left me standing there going, “well how do I walk out on THIS?”

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