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August 7, 2008

Guess What Hannah Did Last Night

Hannah used to sleep through the night. And then she started waking up at 2 every night. But only the once. And then she started waking up at 2 and then again at 4.

This last week, she keeps waking up at 11:30, though then sometimes she’ll miss her 2:00. But I’m all nervous that she’s gearing up for three-waking nights.

But last night, I put her down at 7:30. She was completely awake when I put her down, and we talked and played for a bit. And then I left the room, at which point she cursed me out a bit. But she put herself to sleep. So Ian and I went to bed at 10:30, which is fucking un-heard-of around here because we have so much to do and normally Hannah doesn’t go to sleep until 9:30.

I fell asleep right away, and then I woke up to hear Hannah crying, and I mumbled, “it must be 11:30”. And I looked at the clock and it was. So I jumped out of bed. And then I stood there, because she wasn’t crying anymore. And I stood there. And I stood there. And finally I got back into bed figuring she’d let me know if she changed her mind and needed me.

And she didn’t.

Aaaaaand, she didn’t get up at 2.

She only got up at 4.


Then after putting her down at 4, I had insomnia.

My kids have gone away to the Shuswaps for a week. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with a week sans-semantic arguments and wrong-headed insistences.

Ian and I sometimes talk about how we remember, as children, watching adult conversations. Not that we never got told off for interrupting, but we wanted to learn the rules of adult conversations so we could take part at an adult level. My kids don’t do that. They just jump in and hijack every conversation.

I am not, in fact, sure they’re even aware that there is such a thing as adult conversations to interrupt. I think that would be like asking if Godzilla is aware that he crossed against the traffic light. You simply can’t explain a transgression when it is against something so alien and insignificant that you will probably never notice transgressing it.

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