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August 20, 2008


Well, it’s been a stressful week.

A couple weeks ago, I sent out two resumes, not because I was particularly looking hard for a job, just because I saw a couple postings and I was like, “these look like good opportunities. Eh, what have I got to lose.”

The thing is, you say this when you start out on such a venture. You say, “I have nothing to lose, because I like the job I have, so I don’t have to get all stressed about it.” But you still do. You do because you’re a type A personality and you can’t ever seem to do anything half-assed and also you’re in the habit of getting stressed out over this kinda shit.

I mean, even just editing my resume leaves me with a headache and my neck in knots.

But then I got an interview for one of them. Which left me with more of a headache and more muscle knots. But I went and bought some slacks and made my mother and my aunt proof some interview answers for me.

Anyhow, I mean, there was this drama of too much time passing and my thinking that nothing had come of it, but then getting a job offer just after I had got in touch with my old work to pursue spicing up my job description when I came back. I agonized, and chose first one opportunity, then the other, then the first, then the second. I wrote down pros and cons.

I have finally, after today, decided on going back to the old job, but with the spiced up job description. I’m excited. I mean, oh god nervous, because while I’m excited about the new duties, they’re new-new, so they need to be tested in reality yet and it’s going to take some time before I figure out how to do my job well, and then my superiors will need to figure out how they even want to measure whether I’m doing my job well.

The fact is, though, when I look at the stuff I proposed doing, it’s exciting because I can see a) it NEEDS doing and b) I can kick ass at doing it.

I have six weeks left of my maternity leave.

How’s my book writing coming along, you might ask. But I wouldn’t answer.

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