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September 5, 2008

so jealous

I have my last dance performance of the summer tomorrow. And I start my drumming classess tomorrow. Those are both exciting. I just have to make sure that my costume (which is constantly in a state of flux) is settled ina  symmetrical state. That is, I’m always adding stuff to it whenever I have a minute, so I just have to make sure that it’s symmetrical so that it looks, you know, done. or something.

I have this godawful cold from my littlest daughter. It’s on the mend, but I’m not a hundred per cent sure it’ll be all good for dancing tomorrow. Also, the predicted high is 12°C, which I’m not wild about.

My drum only shipped yesterday, so I’m not going to have it for my first class. Which is disappointing, but also my own fault, of course. Apparently I can borrow a drum for tomorrow’s class. Hopefully mine won’t take too long to arrive. I’m excited to have it and post a picture. You’ll be so jealous.

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