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October 5, 2008

Oh Christmas-christmas-christmas.

I was just looking at Christmas ’07 pictures. It feels like just yesterday, seriously. But it’s going to be Christmas again so, so soon. (Like you wouldn’t believe, right?)

Shit, I don’t even know what the best part is.

OMG, the food is so freakin’ awesome. We had ginger peach tarts last year. And remember the year with the Brie-stuffed crepes?

I think seriously the awesomest part is the presents. How, any time I try to explain our Christmas presents ritual to anyone outside of the family, they feel kind of overwhelmed and sometimes they think it’s really materialistic. But I think the truth is it’s such a giant, overdone ritual precisely because it’s not materialistic. If my family exchanged presents that were just extravagant and materialistic, we could totally do something like just draw names and exchange one present, or open all our presents in a storm of greed and shredded paper. But it’s precisely because every single present will contain so much thought and love that I can’t bear the idea of not getting something for everyone and from everyone and I can’t bear the idea of not getting to see each present get opened. Clearly, though, we have to stop aquiring babies and dudes (I know, worst culprit). Or maybe we could just banish the babies and dudes to the basement to have a materialistic Christmas and watch National Lampoon movies while we do Christmas right, upstairs.

Christmas. Yer doin’ it right.

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  2. You weren’t talking to me, were you. You were talking to the Christmas.

    I know it.

  3. Alison

     /  2008-10-06

    You made me tear up a little because I love our Christmases so much too and you expressed it so beautifully – and all the babies and dudes just make it even better.


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