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November 6, 2008


After putting Hannah down, I went to bed at ten minutes to eight last night. Ian put the older two kids to bed at eight, but I was already asleep enough that I don’t recall him bringing Rachel up to bed.

It was good. What a good idea.

Except then, I woke up at 11, when Ian was coming to bed, and thought he was in the process of getting up and getting dressed. My face, said he, was hilarious, conveying abject emotional “nooooooo! don’t want to get up.”

Anyhow, I just saw this: Thought of gish, for some reason.

Kind of want a kitteh mood ring for myself.

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  1. gish

     /  2008-11-25

    because it’s so me. 😀 i totally want a kitteh mood ring now.

    i keep forgetting you’re blogging again. i need to change your link address on my list. serves you right for going on hiatus. :p


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