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November 15, 2008

Christmas List

I finally put together my Christmas list and posted it to my family forum.

But then I was looking at it and it seemed to me like, here was a perfect list that just encapsulates exactly who and where I am right now.

So it becomes a blog post:

My Christmas List

  • Unlined blank books or sketch books
  • Watercolor pencils (a small basic colours box, or even a couple of exotic colours bought individually)
  • A pretty gold necklace and earrings (ornate, appropriate for belly dance, like old-hollywood-style costume jewellery)
  • Books: Novels (and time to read them?) Or books about writing. Or books with lots of good facts for novel research (deserts, samurai, georgian/regency era, ancient greece/rome, Middle-East and Mediterranean countries in general)
  • An evening out with Ian (by which I mean I very much appreciated Roman’s gift certificate and my mum’s babysitting last year.)
  • Knitting books, especially with clothing patterns or stitch encyclopedias
  • Shelf brackets
  • Copper-coloured beads, sequins and beaded appliques
  • Beaded appliques in any interesting colour actually (rly hard to find in saskatoon)
  • Clothes? clothing gift cards? I still haven’t replenished my wardrobe post-hannah.
  • Desk-organizing things! Like magazine holders, document boxes, paper-trays, magnets, magnetic surface paint and/or chalkboard paint, little containers, pads of Cambridge paper (with the sturdy cardboard backs), black pilot v-ball pens
  • Book-binding supplies or a book-binding kit
  • Love, inspiration and time

OMG, how awesome would it be to have all those things? And here I was resisting doing my Christmas list because I felt like there really wasn’t anything I wanted that I could ask from people.

It was actually really hard to put together my list. Because right now, I’m desperate for intangibles (love, inspiration and time), am ridiculously specific about the tangibles (Cambridge paper,  pilot pens, gold jewellery with a certain look, copper beads) or want really big things that I can’t put on a Christmas list ($400 worth of belly dance workshops).

Oh man, I have so much other stuff to say about this weekend. But I’m behind on writing deadlines, so I better get at ‘er.

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  1. Alison

     /  2008-11-16

    I love going back on the forum and looking at our old Christmas lists – it really is a great way to see where we were in certain years.


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