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World Domination, Babies and Middle Eastern Dance

November 26, 2008


Apparently Gish forgets I have a blog.

So I have to make myself more compelling.

Look! A baby!

Here is Hannah, giving somber looks because she was intent on pushing the big button to shut down the computer. And Ian said sternly, “Hannah, No!” And she knew what he meant. The first time, she looked at him with a big fat lip stuck out and started crying. Naturally I ran for the camera. The second time she took it a little better. Just gave him this look of deep reproach.

And then here is Hannah looking more charming. But I keep wanting to photoshop out that bit of baby-mullet that you can see there (on account of she just can’t seem to grow any hair at the sides).

That’s as compelling as I can muster on a days notice. And really, as I was told, it does serve me right for taking that hiatus.

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  1. gish

     /  2008-11-26

    if you keep posting adorable pictures of hannah, i’ll keep coming back. 😀

  2. I used to push the clicky red reset button on my Dad’s old Radio Shack computer when I was little.


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