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January 6, 2009

Creative Warmth

I was so bloody creative this weekend. Yay.

I finished my sari-silk wrist-warmers this weekend. And spent Sunday wearing them because it was a freakin’ -40° C outside Sunday morning.

And then I wore them at work today. And one of the PMs admired them, calling them ‘hardcore’.

It’s a modification of

Now, I have three more balls of sari-silk, but they’re all kind of different tones. I’ve been kind of torn. Do I want leg-warmers? Or do I want to knit them all into a little vest. I’m thinking preppy, scoop-necked, the kind of thing you’d wear over a white shirt. But colorful and fuzzy. Whatever I do, I’ll have to stripe it to make up for the non-matchingness of the combined yarns.

See actually, this picture does a better job of showing how the colors change:

And that’s all within one ball. The other balls are quite different – one is slightly red, one is kind of peachy and one is kind of turquoisey, as much as any of them can be categorized in one color.

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  1. Those look so great!!! That’s awesome yarny stuff! I dig.

    I bought some wrist warmers last winter so I could actually work with un-central-heated houses in NZ. (I don’t know how to knit.)

    If you want my opinion, for the next project go with leg warmers. They’re not retro – they’re necessary.

  2. Jason

     /  2009-02-08

    Nice.. Much nicer than my cutoff socks that I use in my basement home office where my wrists get sore if they are a little chilly.


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