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February 21, 2009

size issues

I am honestly not the kind of girl to worry a lot about what I weigh or how I fit my clothes.

It’s six months now since I lost a whole bunch of weight, and I’m still wearing my 1-size-too-big-jeans because I can’t be bothered to buy new ‘skinny’ jeans when these ones are perfectly good (plus being super-comfy).

But just let a belly dance performance take me by surprise.

Well, I don’t normally walk around bearing my midriff. And I don’t normally wear clothes that have less than 1/4 inch tolerance for size changes. So yeah, found out Thursday I have to dance Saturday. I’ve been fretting about how badly I fit this costume ever since.

It really is bad though. Last time I tried it on I popped one of the clasps off. I have sewn it back on tonight. Hope it doesn’t pop off during dancing tomorrow.

The only reason I’m dancing though is because Rachel is performing, and her instructor thought it would be good for the girls to have their mothers dancing with them so they won’t be alone and so if they freeze they can follow us. So, really, no one will be looking at me anyway.

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  1. gish

     /  2009-02-26

    rachel is performing? that’s so awesome! ^__^


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