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April 3, 2009

Thankfully, WordPress doesn’t have a bloggoggles feature.

Oh it’s been so long. So let’s not try for a cohesive post. Instead I’ll just throw down some thoughts. Okay?

Twitter: I’ve been microblogging more than real blogging. It suits about how much time I have.

Daycare: My son was really, really stressed for about a month there. It culminated in a bit of a melt-down at the end of the week, two weeks ago. In the fallout of that meltdown the director of the daycare where I was taking both my kids said stupid shit to me about him being violent and not-normal. And I ended up giving her shit for it and giving my notice to the daycare. Two weeks later, we’re working out okay so far. Ian and I have shifted our work schedules so that he starts work later in order to handle the kids before school, and then he stays later at work to make up the time. And I start work earlier so that I can leave at 3 to get the kids after school. My high-school aged cousin is getting them on Thursdays when they have early dismissal. And on school holidays, there are usually YMCA daycamps we can make use of. I’ll still have to come up with something for the summers, but I have a little time.

Hannah remains in her daycare. I had a bit of a dust-up with them over how they handle her when she’s being a brat. But they impressed me with how they were willing to listen to me and by trying different tactics and updating me on how it was going over the next couple of days.

Physical Health: My muscles are just always tense these days. I think it’s a thyroid thing. I should really get my doctor to send me for tests to make sure I’m being dosed at an appropriate level. But people on the internet say things like, “It’s totally manageable. But there’s no such thing as being symptom-free.” And lots of people who say no matter how much thyroid hormone they’re on, they still have tight muscles. It makes sense to me. So I just keep doing my yoga stretches, pushups, etc. Mostly I worry that it will reduce my range of movement and affect my dancing. So weird how deeply I care about an activity that, at most, makes up about 10% of my life.

But anyhow, I think the real problem is that it’s way easier to injure my muscles when they’re so tight all the time. I carried my toddler on my secondary hip yesterday and then I fell up the stairs at work and now my back… so gibbled.

Ian: “Are you blogging on codeine right now? I hope your blogging software will ask you a mathematical question before it lets you post.”

Dancing: It is the season where the belly dance show for the summer is being planned. So my Thursdays now consist of this crazy schedule where I leave work and pick up the Hannah from her daycare, then run to my Aunt’s house to retrieve the older two from my cousin. Then I take all kids back to Broadway for Rachel to do her belly dance class at 5. I hang around there until the older kids’ dad comes to get Ethan and Rachel at 5:45. Ian will show up for the Hannah around then. And then I run for a booster juice for supper because my class starts at 6. Then we do an hour of choreography. Then the senior dancers arrive and we do an hour of technique. And then we all do another hour and a half of choreography before we (the junior dancers) have exhausted our repertoire and may go. (While the senior dancers probably stay another hour and a half.)

This may have contributed to the gibbling of my back.

Toronto: Next week, after doing my Thursday night, I will be getting up at about 4 in the AM to fly to the TeeDot. There was a web app workshop going on there and I was all excited for it. And I had convinced Ian that I should go, and while I was there, I could visit Maredeath. And then I asked my boss if there was any chance work would supplement a portion of the trip. Admitted that I wanted to go because of personal interest, but made the case that this web-app workshop was “relavint to mah intrests.” And my boss said they would just send me. So I’m looking forward to a number of things while there. Music and shopping and web apps and seeing my sweet-little-cousin and her sweet-little-kittens.

Work: Today was pretty good. I was asked to do some text for our website rebrand. And I’ve come to effing hate any kind of branding writing. I will write you an essay or a technical document or a proposal or a development plan or a job description or a résumé. I cannot write… well, marketing copy, I suppose is what it is. But anyhow, I had thought I was finished, had washed my hands of the project. And then they were like, “loader text. 404 text. Form submission confirmation text.” Little things you don’t think of at the beginning. And I actually managed to come up with something for the loader text that I’m pretty happy with. We’ll see about the rest of it. Also, my country placed first in the office olympics – thanks, in part, to my taking home the gold in the wall-sit event. The country that placed second got silver in that event, and our final scores were 1 point apart – so if I had gone down a second earlier, our standings would have been completely reversed. Anyhow, good times. I won a Starbucks gift card, plus the adulation of my peers.

Sleep: That codeine is seriously starting to hit me. I better drinkk my tea and sign offfff…..

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  1. scheherezhade

     /  2009-04-03

    good thing you updated. because every time i saw the title for your last post in my feed it made me think of that song by filter, and i’m tired of having it on my brain for the week past.

    And I feel like a newborn
    And I feel like a newborn
    kicking and screaming

  2. It was cuh-lear-ly an REM reference.

    Sure all men are created equal.
    Here’s the church.
    Here’s the steeple.
    It’s take two we cut to sequel.
    Ashes to ashes we all fall down.

  3. scheherezhade

     /  2009-04-04

    Well, I cuh-lear-ly don’t have that REM song.

    Send it to me.


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