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May 7, 2009

Srsly teh awezomez.

I bought new rims for my Swift yesterday. Ian and I ordered them some time ago. And Ian wanted me to get bigger wheels because he’s a car guy and he knows from cool. And I didn’t care, I just didn’t want to sacrifice too much ride quality but I did want chrome. Ian and I picked out some wheels together and then spent some time debating tire size because No-I-do-not-want-my-car-lowered-thank-you-because-I-will-still-want-to-drive-it-in-the-winter-on-its-puny-winter-wheels. Having done that debating, I let Ian phone the tire store and do the ordering because if they were like, “Oh no, you don’t want that tire with these wheels. You want this.” Then I would be like, “what? Um? do I?” and would have to get off the phone and discuss it with him anyway. So when he called and told them what I wanted, and he got to saying chrome finish, and the guy said, “Oh! nice.”

And then, later, when he called on another day to confirm something about the order, and began by describing the car and his order, the guy was like, “Oh the chrome wheels!”

So after dropping off and then picking up my car yesterday, Ian said to me, “did they mention that they were chrome? They had to mention it to me every time.” And I was like, “No. They probably figured that I don’t care and it was entirely your influence that we got chrome.” Ian laughed, “They were probably trying to figure out how to say ‘Your husband sure picked out some nice wheels for you ma’am.’ And then you’d giggle and say, ‘He spoils me!'”

That’s pretty much exactly how it would have gone down.

Anyhow, I underestimated the power of awesome in having nice wheels. I took the car to the dealership today for a service and some warranty work. When I walked in to pick it up, dude-in-charge asked if he could help me and I said, “Oh I’m just here to pick up my car,” and gestured to where it was parked out front. And he was like, “Oh that’s yours! That’s a nice little car. Nice wheels.” And we discussed them for a moment (like, what do you say about them really? Yep, they sure do… um turn… and… I mean, yeah, they’re pretty aren’t they?)

Then he summoned some younger-shop-dude working there saying how he’d take care of me. The younger dude said, “Sure, but I don’t know how to take payments.” So the in-charge-dude summoned an older dude. But the younger-shop-dude didn’t go away, he just hung around the counter… leaning on it around the corner from me. And after the older-dude went over the invoice with me and was taking my card, the younger-shop-dude said casually to him, “So uh, you should go look at her wheels.” And the older dude said distractedly, “Oh yeah, I did,” and then, “Wait! That’s yours?”

Aw. You know why it’s awesome? Because I fall in love with tiny little rice-rockets and I’m like OMG-I-LOVE-MY-CAR-SO-MUCH-LIKE-ITS-SRSLY-TEH-AWEZOMEZ! And then the guys are like, “Um. Sure.” But evidently, if I trick it out, then they take me more seriously. Next step: GIANT CHROME TAILPIPES (YES! MULTIPLE!) AND A HUGE SPOILER!

So kidding.

Okay. Quick list of some of the so many other reasons why life is so awesome right now.

Family! My little cousin is in town and my family is so effing-funny. And they make great food. And my aunt will be in town this weekend. And then we’ll do family things like celebrate birthdays and such.

Rain! It rained today. Only a little bit, just a little grey cold drizzle. But I stood out in it and the wind whipped it around and I wasn’t that cold and later I got to go for a walk in it.

Ian! I can’t even quantify. I was trying to explain to him how his presence in my life has changed my perspective from “larger families have more opportunities for one person’s bad mood to ruin everyone’s day” to “larger families have more opportunities to help each other out and share in more joys.”

Work. Sometimes lately the work I do feels very like a treadmill. But today I feel like I made a difference. Caught a glitch, worked with the right people until we had a solution and didn’t close any doors in the process. Days like that feel so good.

Coworkers. Oh my god, how did I end up surrounded by so many wonderful people? A lot of weeks I lament that it’s been so long since I’ve connected with this or that person. But those spells aren’t devoid of connection, it’s just an ebbing and flowing of individuals. I have some favourite people who just know my habits and do occasional things to go out of their way for me. And some favourite people who, when I offer help with something, are exactly gracious and grateful. And some favourite people who are always good for a really good philosophical, introspective conversation. And some people who are just effing funny. And people who are brilliant and conscientious. I have so many favourites. And each week I seem to move in a slightly different circle, but it’s always an overall good circle.

Babies. Well, my babies in particular. Who are not really babies. But the smallest one was most particularly sweet today. Talking, talking, talking. I had the Explorer and all 3 kids with me when I went to pick up my Swift. Ethan and Rachel sat together (!) in the last row and played sweetly together. And Hannah sat behind me babbling and lighting up at me every time I looked back at her. I’m sure I risked a number of accidents with all the glancing back and talking to her I did. And at the dealership, I took her in, and they offered her a balloon and when she made strange with them they were like, “maybe she’s too young to appreciate a balloon.” But I was like, “No, I bet she’d like it.” And I went and got it for her. And when I put it in her hand, the look on her face was just heartbreakingly awesome. She was so, SO delighted, but in her tiny, restrained way. She just gave me this little, english, so pleased with herself grin but I could tell she was really, really happy with it. And she clung to it out to the car – it was so giant it was almost as big as her. And it bumped around in the car while we drove, bumping into me, bumping into her head. She loved it, and the older kids loved her loving it and I loved the whole thing.

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  1. Alison

     /  2009-05-07

    Awwwww. can’t wait to hug all of you.


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