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June 14, 2009


Oh, probably nobody reads this except my family. But for the sake of consistency in storytelling, here is the update that I posted to my family forum:

Monday I called the doctor and they made an appointment to fit us in at the end of the day on Tuesday. The doctor and I discussed whether it was possible that Hannah was having seizures. Hannah talked a bunch to a degree that both the doctor and her attending student were wowed by her communications skills. I told them how she’s all about complete sentences and complex concepts. How I didn’t consider potty training my other kids until after two, but when we were waiting in the examining room, Hannah had tugged on my arm and said, “I pee. Baffroom.”

The doctor asked a bunch of developmental questions to see if she thought there might be evidence of a neurological problem that a neurologist should see. But she’s physically coordinated and adventurous. “Does she play pretend?” I was asked. And I told how she drives cars around going “brrrrrm” or how she picked up my purse and put it on her shoulder and then went to the door to wave and blow me a kiss and say “buh-bye.”

Part of the conversation was about other incidents that I thought followed the same pattern of going rigid and not breathing. And because every time there’s been anything like that, Hannah doesn’t seem to suffer any ill after effects and because she is clearly not showing any evidence of neurological problems, we agreed to wait and observe, on the logic that these incidents are more unnerving than potentially harmful and that now that we’ve identified them as a possible pattern we will be better able to observe what really is happening. And we’re going back in six months for her two year check up, when we will revisit the issue.

In other news, we are cleaning up our house thoroughly. This would be easier if we were the kind of people who kept things clean and organized all the time. But we are not, we are creative, complex, messy, busy people who would far rather start new projects than organize old clothes or dust things. Going through my closet, I had to haul out the “box of sewing projects”. Oh my god, it was full of probably twenty (I am not exaggerating) projects in various states of completion. And I have not got to the point of admitting to myself that any of them are not going to be finished. No-sir, they are all just “in progress” and I will get to them when I get to them. But also I have about ten more sewing projects in my head that I want to start soon. Mmm.

Also, I was always bad at cleaning my room because I would find toys I had forgotten or projects I had forgotten and I would have to take a moment to play with them or explore them. Like Tangrams! I found tangrams tonight. And so I sat down on the bed and was like “Ian, come look! Tangrams! Look, I can make a cat.”

In other, other news, I am frustrated with work. I am completely boggled that there are people in the world who, when someone says, “I need you to do this for this project,” think it is fine and appropriate to come back with answers that, though presented politely (no, not really politely. Let’s say ‘jocularly’) boil down to “I don’t want to” or “That sounds like a lot of work for me. Why don’t I just tell you what I would do and then YOU do it for me.” Honestly? I don’t run around delegating shit just so I can feel high on myself. I am rather of the “I will do it myself because then I know it will be done right” school. So if I asked you to do it, it is probably desperate circumstances.

Most of the people I deal with on a daily basis are the “my tribe” people. You know, when you say, “I need X, can you do it?” They give me the attitude of, “absolutely I will see what I can do. I am really busy, so let me know what your timeline and level of desperation is so I can strategize with you how we will get this done. And if I really am too busy, I will make good faith suggestions of who we can bring in to help.”

And, generally, my workplace has had a really good history of hiring really good people with the helpful attitudes. Which is another reason why running into this “no. I don’t want to” attitude has kind of thrown me for a loop.

I can’t wait until this project is done.

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  1. blue milk

     /  2009-06-14

    That’s an awful experience, poor you. The world stops for you when you really seriously worry about your child, doesn’t it?

    But, glad to hear the doctor isn’t overly concerned.

  2. gish

     /  2009-06-16

    Thank goodness everything is probably okay. It sounds like everyone handled the situation pretty well. What a nightmare, though…


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