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November 6, 2009


I just hand-dyed myself a chartreuse belly dance veil and hip scarf. They are not the green I would have chosen (I’m so new to dying silk), but they are quite lovely …if a little vivid.

The kids do not have H1N1, the daycamp threatened to get canceled due to low attendance, but is going ahead. And even if either of those things happened, Del has the day off so he can care for the kids. So I’m going to have my holiday after all. (Though I do keep feeling under the weather myself, but that’s been going on for weeks so it’s not going to turn into anything just now, now is it?)

So what am I going to do with my day? I dunno. I thought I’d make some tea, do some real-life private journalling. Maybe dye my second veil and scarf set. I also have some red wine here which has been just waiting for a special occasion. Maybe I’ll go for a walk. Maybe I’ll have a nap. Maybe I’ll do some sewing or some knitting. Maybe I’ll do some Christmas shopping.

Maybe I need a whole week off. eugh.

Today I was telling my coworker about how awesome and obnoxious I’m going to be using my whiny voice at my whiny wedding. And then we turned back to work. A minute later I was like, “jeez, I’m hungry.” “Oh I’m hyungreeeeeeeeeeeee!” she parodied me in the whiny voice. And it was so unexpected that I sat there and laughed and laughed for a good minute.

Then I said, “wow, I can’t complain to you about anything ever again. I’ll tell you I have cancer, and you’ll be like, ‘I have Kyaaaancer.'”

And she picked it right up, further-fake-mocking hypothetical me for not liking cancer.

Finally I said, “well now you’ve just guaranteed that if I ever get a terminal diagnosis, you’re actually the first person I’m coming to.” Ian will be all, “you told her before you told me?” And I’ll be like, “Well, I needed to. She can do the whiny voice and you can’t.”

Explained that to Ian tonight and he said, “I’m so glad you have someone at work who gets you.”

I have to go to bed so I’ll be well-rested for my holiday tomorrow.

I will leave you with the time-waster that is right this minute threatening my ability to go to bed at a reasonably hour. Regretsy! The worst of Etsy.

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