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November 13, 2009

so verbal

Rachel: “GO AWAY!”

Ethan: “I’m busy putting my lego away.”

Rachel: “GO AWAY!”

Ethan: “Busy putting my lego away.”

Rachel: “GO AW-”

Hannah: “uh…Scuse me? you don’t fight. ‘Kay.”

* * *

Took Hannah to the doctor today. Doctor said how ridiculously verbal she was, even though Hannah was being very shy and refusing to speak much. But when the doctor offered her a sticker, she jumped up, ran across the room and said, “I want a Diego sticker.” Which was what she got when she saw the doctor three months ago. Good memory.

And there was no Diego sticker, so she looked through them and was like, “that one! I want the spiderman one.”

And earlier, when we were walking into the Doctor’s office, she said to me, “what’s gonna happen in there?”

And when we came out she said, “no, no. Don’t put me in the car. I wanna climb in by myself.” And then she got halfway in the car and stopped. And when I said, “come on Hannah. We need to go get Ethan and Rachel.” Then she looked at me and said, “I’m so sorry I didn’t get in the carseat.” “It’s okay, just let’s get going,” I told her. “I’m so sorry, I can’t get in the carseat.” “Okay, I’m going to help you,” I said. But she said more firmly, “I’m so sorry, I can’t get in the carseat.” And then she fought me tooth and nail while I tried to make her get in the carseat.


* * *

I feel like I need some nice mittens. Nice thrummed, knit mittens. Mittens, mittens, mittens. I would put them on a string and hang them around my house. But that wouldn’t keep my fingers very warm.

I misplaced my gloves today. For the third time this fall. Guh. If I do get some nice mittens, I damn better put them on a string.

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