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December 14, 2009

The workweek

If you count Sunday in with the last week, I just finished a 60hr work week. The upcoming week won’t be so bad, mainly because I have other commitments preventing me from working late so much. So, while I won’t be at work as much, I will be just as busy.

On the other hand, I do feel like  rocked this weekend. I finished programming the module that had me working so much, I’ve begun entering data into it and it’s working smoothly. I managed to finish writing the press release that I foolishly volunteered to a friend that I would do for his company. And I did it a day earlier than I thought I would. And I did two productive Christmas shopping runs and I managed to get groceries and homemake some soup for our lunches. I did not, however, see much of Ian and the kids. Also, my back threatens spasms every time I sit down because all week if I wasn’t in bed I was sitting in front of a computer or I was carrying around 50lbs of Christmas shopping/groceries/grouchy-Hannah.

Regardless of having rocked the weekend, I am not ready to start a new week all over again tomorrow. Boo.

I’m also a little sad that I’m going to be stressed about this project over Christmas and probably have to take as little time off as possible. Every time my family’s in town I can never get away to do any of the fun things they all end up doing. Maybe next year I’ll wise up and seriously book some time off. Oh, also, maybe I’ll be smart enough to not get roped into giant-over-Christmas-projects. Mm-hm.

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