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December 15, 2009

How about

It has been brought to my attention that I exaggerated in yesterday’s post. I did actually work a 60 hour workweek and I did actually accomplish all those things and my back was actually spasming. But Hannah doesn’t quite weigh 50lbs, unless you suppose that her grouchiness weighs about 15lbs, which it probably does.

We don’t really do tv in our household. Instead we just watch dvds on the computer when we’re inclined to have some screen time. So whenever you’re at the computer, there’s a chance it will remind Hannah that she wants to watch a video. Which is what just happened to me as I was typing that first sentence.

Hannah came up to me and she said, “Y’know what? I wanna watch Up.” That “yknow what” always charms us. So I opened the dvd tray and found Horton Hears a Who in it. “Hm,” said I, “how about Horton?” “How about I wanta watch Up,” she reaffirmed for me. I was still kind of distractedly trying to humour her. She has really only just recently reached the stage of being steadfast in her whims. So generally you can distract her with some equally appealing, but more handy solution. Casting around, I still didn’t see Up, but Finding Nemo was right in front of me. “How about Nemo?” I said. And Hannah looked at me very seriously and said, “How About No Nemo. How about I’m gonna watch Up.”

Naturally I got off my ass and went and found her Up.

It’s the better movie anyhow.

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  1. Alison

     /  2009-12-16

    “How about you stop stalling mother and get the movie I want.”

    Can’t wait to see that kid. (And everyone, obviously.)

  2. Amy

     /  2009-12-20

    That’s the cutest thing ever. And UP is a terrific movie. I cried almost the whole time. (We watched it in 3D, which wasn’t the reason for me to cry… I was just bragging.)


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