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February 18, 2010


I ordered some undyed silk charmeuse two weeks ago so I could dye it and sew my own wedding dress. I had been hoping it would get here last week so that I could spend this week sewing it (since I’ve had some time off this week), but it didn’t arrive until today.

No matter. The silk is now dyed and laid out across some chairs in front of the fire drying. It’s goooooorgeous. Maybe pictures later? Or maybe I’ll be too busy sewing up a storm to make up for lost time.

I realized today that this theoretical wedding is only 4.5 months away. Then I panicked a little, and sternly asked myself, “what the hell were you thinking?” a little. Living in sin is going so smoothly, you know. I’m not sure why I would want to go and eff that up. Except that I do like tasteful parties. Maybe we’ll have a tasteful party and let the Justice of the Peace know that she doesn’t have to come.

Boo to commitment phobias. Boo, also, to institutions of the patriarchy. And by that I probably mean ‘boo to everything’. Ha.

Anyhow, evening of dance classes tonight, so I have to run get myself ready and pick up my children. (Boo to having less time for frenzied sewing and boo to not having time for a proper update.)

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  1. Alison

     /  2010-02-18

    need pictures.

  2. I say “have a tasteful party.” My two cents…


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