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June 15, 2010

Happy Rebirthday

It’s June 15th Dudez! That means it’s re-birthday – the Holiday I am fully adopting in lieu of ever celebrating my birthday again.

I was not very well organized this year, so I never got around to telling you all how Rebirthday is celebrated, so you will be forgiven if you didn’t celebrate it exactly right this year. However, perhaps it is not too late to let you know that Rebirthday traditionally calls for ducking out of work early or cutting class in order to go sit in a park with your best friends.

Also, traditional foods of Rebirthday are french-fries or other fried potato (potato-haters, you may substitute another tuber of your choosing) and cheesecakes or mousse cakes.

I’ll explain it more fully another time. Meanwhile, have a good one.

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