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September 25, 2010

Is It Christmas?

Today I went looking for Christmas Android apps for my phone. The android market is full of bullshit Christmas apps – like one that will set my ringtone to jingle bells. Oh gosh thanks cause if I wanted that, I couldn’t have figured out how to do that on my own.

Here’s more:

Christmas Bell – (I assume it works with the phone’s motion sensor when you shake it) “This bell can be used to brighten the Christmas Spirit of those around, to assist the Salvation army in asking for donations, or just helping Angels to get their wings.

Santa Piano – “Santa’s ho-ho-ho became a piano. Enjoy playing a piano with Santa’s voice.”

Christmas Better Keyboard Skin – an add-on to a Christmas Fireplace theme. Reskins your keyboard green with red highlights.

Xmas SMS Collection – “Collection pre composed Christmas quotes, sms and text messages for celebrating and wishing christmas greetings.”

But then I struck gold:

Is It Christmas? – “Your one-stop source for yuletide holiday determination. Never be at a loss again.”

I scrolled down to the screenshot: a white screen with the word “NO” in black.

I was beginning to suspect this was going to be a stupidly simple app. But it had a four star rating, so I went to read some of the reviews.

**** “Keeps my husband from having to answer this question for me every month! could we have a different background instead of white?” – erika

***** “I was so confused until I downloaded this app. Never forget Christmas again!” – Aiyana

* “The stupidest app ever. Uninstall!” – Brandon

***** “Does what it says. Please make an update for different languages!!!!!” -dustin

***** “Best android app ever! Simply put, it does what it says and says what it does. Everyone who’s anyone has this on their smartphones! Get it!” -Mason

***** “Surely the best application imaginable for this task…”-Jonathon

***** “This leaves me disappointed every morning… 5 stars anyway.”-brad

***** “Wow! With this app there is almost no point at even looking at a calendar!”-Mario

Obviously I installed it. And it is awesome. Every time I use it, I get so pumped thinking, “oh my god it’s going to be so great when that screen says ‘yes’.”

And if you don’t have a smartphone, there is a website: Note that they have an RSS feed! (Which I am now subscribed to.)

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