One Day I Will Rule the World

World Domination, Babies and Middle Eastern Dance

September 29, 2010

It’s Peeeople- no, nevermind.


Tonight the older kids had a big fight. Parenting is hard and if you have children you can parent without having to choose between them, more eff-ing power to you.

Reality here is that you have to choose and I am always guilt-wracked at how often and how obviously the high maintenance one wins.

I’m dealing with the guilt by having a beer and playing with retro photo apps.

Working on a law project at work, and today in a meeting we were debating how much fancy user interface was in scope for the project. The front end guy said, “well people like it better when it does x. ” playing the part of the cantankerous manager, I replied, “bah, I don’t care what people like. ”

“Besides, ” quipped the intern, “this site isn’t for people, it’s for lawyers. “

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