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October 12, 2010

Christmas season! No denying!


It’s pretty much been like Santa’s workshop around here today. I love it.

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. We had big family dinners on Saturday & Sunday and then we had today to just relax.

Well everyone knows the Christmas season starts right after Thanksgiving, so obviously we got to work. I started the day by making almond-cherry haystacks and candied cranberries.

Then I spent most of the day working on a knitted elephant for Hannah. I had started it Saturday night and figured that, for the first bit at least, I could work on it in the open. On sunday I was just working on his head and Hannah came by and said, “oh what are you making? Is it a ball?” And I agreed, “yep, a ball.”

I started work on his trunk but that just made it look like a grey pear. And then I started work on his neck. He didn’t even have ears- he seriously looked just like a pear stuck sideways onto something, but Hannah, in the middle of a sentence to her dad, glanced over at me and squealed, “oh I think it’s gonta be an elephant! ”

Oh you do, do you, I replied and shortly took my work upstairs. I should really never assume that anything will get by that kid.

So today I did more work on that. And I pulled out a bunch of fabric for another project and picked up wool to make something for Rachel.

And then Ian spent the afternoon doing some top-secret Christmas work. And now we’re relaxing with some sugarplum spice tea. Spiked with cranberry syrup and vodka, this tea is the shizz.

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  1. Alison

     /  2010-10-12

    This post make me both jealous and panicky.

  2. I want to tell you that it’s silly to be either jealous or panicky because I have such complete faith in how it’s all going to come together a) soon enough and b) awesomely.

    But that would be pretty hypocritical since I’ve been practically grabbing people by the lapels and shouting, “Only 2.5 months! That’s not enough time for all the Christmasry I need to do!”

    I’m a little intense about it this year. I’m pretty sure most years I don’t get going until December proper.

  3. Alison

     /  2010-10-13

    Okay. You can be intense for me. Yes?

    Because I need to be intense about:
    the institutionalization of the mentally challenged in the mid-19th century
    women’s literature
    school location choices
    medical history
    slavery in Canada

    I was going to do a blog entry about all that, but I’ll just leave it in your comments instead.
    I like the word Christmasry.


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