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October 25, 2010


I finished Hannah’s elephant today. I want to post pictures but since vicarious present excitement is such a big part of Christmas in my family, I don’t want to ruin Christmas by showing off Hannah’s present on the internet  before the big day. However, she’s a pretty sweet pachyderm, FYI.

Today I made gluten-free crepes with gingerbread cheesecake filling. I think with the addition of some pears poached in butter and brown sugar and candied ginger that this will work for Christmas breakfast, no?

I know, right? I ammmmm amazing.

It’s extra perfect because I can make the crepes and the filling the day before and then Christmas morning I don’t have to take away precious potato-frying space like when I make pancakes.

Today Hannah was drinking some milk before going upstairs for her nap and I came in to give her a hug, so she took a break from drinking her milk. And after she hugged me, Ian said, “are you going to give mom a kiss too?” And so she gave me a big kiss and then exclaimed, “Milk kisses!” Which they were indeed. Ew. I mean Aw.

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