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April 12, 2011

Do What You Love

I was having lunch with some work-friends last week and we were talking about those entrepreneur wisdoms about doing what you love and so on. I lamented the frustratedness of my entrepreneurial spirit because there are too many different directions in my life and no capital-D Direction.

“Well what do you love?” They asked. All of it. But none of it enough.

“What do you do in your free time?” What free time?

It was a more helpful conversation than that. But two days later I had a meeting with a teammate at work where the general topic was ambition vs. versatility, so I spent most of last week thinking about the things I love but how I would (and have) hesitated to make them my field because I don’t know if any of them would make me happy for more than five minutes.

Then, this weekend, Ian and I were working on the house and talking about the house. I pulled a Christmas book off my shelf (one of several) to look through it for a reference and while thumbing through the pictures of Christmas things, I had my epiphany.

“Ian this is it,” I told him. “Christmas is what I could do every day and not get sick of it. I should start a business helping people Christmas.”

And because he knows me, he understood instantly. “Oh, you’re going to be a Christmas Consultant.”

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  1. was it Merry & Bright?? was it?
    because that’s what always makes me want my shop!





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