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February 23, 2012

War Face

We’ve been having another one of those days with the fat snowflakes lazily moving past my window as I sit working.

I was working on trying to set up a new webhost and transfer things away from my old webhost who has me really irked right now, so it wasn’t exactly the cozy idyllic day that it was last time, but it was still very, very beautiful.

Hannah, last week, playing with her doll: “Mom, I am tucking my baby in for her nap. And when she wakes up, I will take her for a walk and when we get back, I’ll feed her Ninja Soup. …That’s not soup made from Ninjas mom, it’s for Ninjas.”

Hannah’s going to grow up to be a knight and she’s going to marry a Princess and live in a castle. She said, “I’m so excited to marry my Princess, mom. But how will I know which Princess I want to marry?”

“Well,” I told her, “I guess you’ll have to meet a lot of Princesses and see which one you like best.”

“I think I will meet them all and then I’ll marry the one that’s the prettiest.”

“What about marrying the one who’s the nicest?” I asked her.

“Mom,” she said patiently, “They’re all nice – They’re Princesses!

I’m about to ditch this “moving my webhost” effort for the day and go bake up some granola bars. This afternoon I’m going to a hot yoga class from 4-5 and then my evening of three consecutive dance classes starts at 6. So I need to hydrate right now and I think I better have some high-protein snacks and a thermos of homemade lassi along for a quick, frugal, portable supper.

Last weekend we took Hannah to a Shivatri dinner party – which was loads of moderately-theistic Kashmiri fun. Hannah was a hit at the party, girding herself up as a knight, heading off to kill dragons and occasionally returning to the party to say, “do you want to see my war face?” (Which I didn’t even know she had. It’s a very cold, imperious stare. Who taught her that trick?)

As she was running around, our host (my friend’s father) stopped to talk to her and Hannah said, “do you want to see my war face again?”

“Ohhh, that’s very scary,” he said.

With cold war-face still in place, Hannah replied, “Of course it is.”

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  1. Alison

     /  2012-02-24

    And all this cuteness was being wasted on a dayhome staff. It’s much better shared with us.


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