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March 13, 2012

Spring Fever

Feeling like a terrible mother today. My oldest two were getting ready to go to school this morning and started some obnoxious bickering at the door instead of taking their leave. It was good natured, but purely focused on being obnoxious: half-giggling and shouting opposing words at each-other just for the sake of keeping the argument going.

They’re at an age where, actually, all I do for them in the morning is mildly harass them to eat something and brush their teeth before they leave for school and they take care of getting all their stuff together and leaving on time, and they were already suited up to leave, so I was sitting there waiting for them to realize that they were wasting time or to get tired of the game and then Hannah started imploring “Please stop. Please stop that. Please stop,” and that just made them get louder. So I stomped over and said, “GO.” And they said, “Fine we will.” And left without saying goodbye or giving anyone goodbye hugs – which upset Hannah. And then I realized they’d forgotten their lunches.

We had kind of a rough weekend, where everyone was being rammy and Rachel and Hannah ran around the house starting new games (and new messes) every 20 minutes while I felt like I trailed around them picking things up. There were pointlessly escalated tussles over things like pillows and things being knocked over until Ian and I said, “let’s go for a walk before supper”. We were already a bit late for supper, so it actually delayed supper until almost 7:30, but it seemed necessary. We¬† took them just around the block letting them run ahead and rambunctiously throw themselves into every shrinking snowbank and wade through puddles up to their knees (well over their bootlines) and then we all came home slightly more human.

As it’s getting a little warmer outside, I’m realizing what a little greenhouse my house is. I leave thermostat on the away setting during the day and during February that meant that most days I had to wear a bunnyhug (ie, hoodie) and put a throw over my lap. Now that the outside temperatures are just slightly above freezing, my house is just naturally staying at our regular temperature and I think it’s all because of the sun that comes in through our back window.

I had plans to sew some heavy curtains for back there to block the sun and help us get through the summer on less air conditioning, but it seems like that will have to be a higher priority task than I’d originally thought.

Side note: I’m so happy to be spending the summer in an environment I control. The last few summers it drove me nuts that I could never dress like it was summer because my office was so air-conditioned that I needed sweaters in order to survive the day. I plan on living in sundresses and getting a little healthy sweating in this summer. It’s going to be awesome.


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  1. Alison

     /  2012-03-13

    If I just had my farm, you could have brought the kids out to me when they were like this and they could have run and jumped and yelled to their hearts’ content and gotten as dirty and muddy as they wanted. When they came in I would have just chucked them in a hot bath, fed them a good stew and bread and let them camp out on the floor and eat popcorn and watch movies. Sigh.

  2. Holeeeeeee WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!

  3. Deborah

     /  2012-03-13

    Well, I guess we know what to get Alison for her 50th birthday.


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