One Day I Will Rule the World

World Domination, Babies and Middle Eastern Dance

March 14, 2012


Well, I was composing a big post yesterday about gender and workplaces and how I label myself these days – but I lost it all somehow.

Whatever, I’m having a great day today and maybe I’ll attempt to recreate it some time, or maybe I’ll just move on.

Things feel like they’re zipping along today.

This morning I got up, I fed the birds, made breakfast toast for Ethan and Rachel using the last of the bread I made yesterday. I took my pills and put on my coffee, coordinating mixing up a new batch of bread with boiling water for my coffee. Then I sat down to half an hour of work that finishes off a big project and means I should be able to send the final invoice this week. And that feels good because together with our tax refund, that should pay off our credit card debt and outstanding property taxes and thereby leave us debt-free (other than the mortgage).

There’s other work that I’m doing that has left me with warm fuzzies, primarily because I was able to diagnose a pretty big issue and the fact that I was able to diagnose it made me reflect warmly on some of the wonderful minds I’ve had the privilege of working with over the last few years without whom I would be much poorer in knowledge and expertise. It’s nice to feel like an expert. But it’s even nicer to feel like part of a network of experts who care deeply about their craft.

And I’m turning my attention to really starting on building my app this week and have begun with a lot of research into what framework I want to use. At first I felt overwhelmed, but now I’ve sort of chosen a path forward and I’m excited to see what this framework can do and am pushing to keep motivated by just having lots of little successes like installing a local testing server and other super-fun-times.

But right now, what I really need is to get off the computer and go be a part of life for a while. I have a shoulder cramp that is calling for maybe tea by the back window and chats with children.


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