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December 1, 2012

Last Minute Party Bunting

This is how simple making party bunting can be.

The edges of this bunting will be raw and can fray a bit, but I consider that part of the charm.

1. Cut triangles.

Cut strips off of your fabric that are as wide as your bunting triangles will be long. These ones are a trifle long and skinny at ten inches from top to point. Eight or nine inches would be plenty.

So cut or rip a nine inch strip off your fabric and off your contrast. Lay these two long strips down on your table, with the selvege edges left and right and your cut/ripped edges top and bottom. The fabrics should be either right sides together or wrong sides together, depending on which side you want to draw on (but not right side to wrong side).

On your top edge, measure and mark four inches from the side and then every four inches after that (ie, 8, 12, 16, etc). Along the bottom edge, measure and mark two inches from the side and then every four inches after that (ie, 6, 10, 14, etc). Using a straight edge, draw a zig-zag line connecting the first mark at the bottom to the first mark at the top then to the second mark at the bottom, etc. Cut along that line to form your triangles.


2. Sew pairs together.

Take a pair of triangles and place them wrong-sides together.


Stitch along the top, 1/8″ from the edge. Trim threads.

Stitch again along the top at 3/4″ from the edge but when you reach the corner, turn and sew down the side and when you come to the point, turn and sew up the other side to finish at the beginning of your second seam.

The image below shows where you will have sewn seams.

TrimĀ  your threads.

3. String them up.

Slide a ribbon through the casing formed at the top and use your ribbon to string up your bunting.

Some notes:

When threading them onto the ribbon, I considered alternating every second one so that each side would show both fabrics. I guess that’s still an option next time I use these since they can be unthreaded and rethreaded any time.

If you wanted them to be bound at the top, it would be a simple matter to pin on some double-fold bias tape along the top and a seam along it.


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