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December 30, 2012

Ordinal Linguistic

I just realized that my ordinal linguistic personification synesthesia extends to days of the week (as well as numbers, letters, months and… cutlery), which is why writing notes exhorting the days to be good to me makes absolute sense to my brain.

Also this led to the following conversation in our house. “There aren’t very many female days. Monday is female. Very playful.” “I would have thought Monday would be a bit of a drag.” “Oh not at all, Monday is a lot like B.” “…. Oh…. Well…. that clears everything up then.”

And, on that note:

“Dear Sunday. I’m going to bed now – but I’ll see you again in a couple of hours, bright eyed and ready to accomplish a way better day with you than Saturday and I just had. I’m gonna get me some intense sleep and then let’s rock it, Sunday.”

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