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February 19, 2013

Lockers for Vintage Industrial Storage

Tonight I found a kijiji listing for cubby-sized lockers — 4 columns of 6. Free if you pick them up. And I was all, “OMG Ian, look! Free lockers! We’d need just need to make a trip to a neighbouring town. I’m messaging.”

And Ian said, “wait, how big did you say they were?”

I read the ad, “six feet tall by four wide and twelve inches deep.”

“Where would we put them?”

“Where?! In the back porch where we have those ugly melamine cubbies! In the bedroom for my dance stuff storage! In the back room for my craft supplies. Any of those places.”

“Okay,” he said, “but do we really neeed….”

And then my eyes must have got really wide because he said, “Okay, okay. Just message her and see if they’re still available. No harm in that.”

Alas, they were already gone.



And I am left with dreams and sad blog posts about what could have been.

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