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Category: Minutiae
June 12, 2013


It’s kinda the sweetest how my fourteen year old still feels small enough to slide his head right under my chin when he comes in for a hug. Uncomfortable because he’s really too big and he ends up clocking me in the small of my neck and choking me with his massive head when he […]

May 19, 2013


Last week, I repainted the dining room. Here’s a before:   Repainting wasn’t high on our priority list (we actually don’t mind the yellow that the previous owners had it), until we painted the kitchen blue, and then every time I looked from one room into the other, the contrast of the sunny yellow with […]

May 1, 2013

Woodworking and Music

Hello lovely peeps. It’s been a while, I know. I gotta level with you; some shit went down last month and there was a period of time where I wasn’t coping so well with it. So rather than blogging, I did a lot of paper-journal-writing. Ian found me a sulfite free wine at my local […]

March 19, 2013


I don’t think I could ever be a family court judge. there is just too much crap and vitriol to wade through – even in the cases that are more or less rational •  I have been working very, very hard on some paid client work. as our goal is to pay off all our […]