One Day I Will Rule the World

World Domination, Babies and Middle Eastern Dance

Category: Feminism
February 12, 2009


Running your copy past a committee is like running your sandcastle past the ocean. There will be something left when it’s done. But it will be formless, meaningless and full of debris.

December 20, 2008

How to Influence People Making Difficult Decisions

How do you tell someone what the answer to their difficult situation is when they won’t listen? Don’t. Let go of trying to sell your own Stuff. Seriously, this is my wisdom. Let it go. This is the surest way to influence people – by letting go of your agenda and being a human being […]

October 29, 2008

Traffic Zen

I think I’m forgetting how to blog. But I seem to recall it involves updating. Hannah had her first day at her new daycare today. And I think it went pretty well. Ian stopped by at lunch to see how she was doing and she was just playing with the other kids. And I picked […]

October 18, 2008

Humourless Feminist Attends Trade Show for Women

A while ago, saskatoon had a trade show catering to men (’cause like, men are such an underserved niche market, right?) But, well, when you say outright that it’s catering to men, then suddenly you have more license to, say, have women walking around in lingerie. This weekend, there’s the Woman’s World trade show going […]