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May 23, 2012

Border-Print Apron Pattern

Remember when I made my friend an apron? And I told you about my apron and promised to give you more details soon. It took me a long time to have a good opportunity for an apron photo-shoot. “Oh thank god she finally matches her kitchen curtains,” is what I hear you saying. I know. […]

May 22, 2012

Critical Thinking

One of the things I frequently say about hanging out with programmers and talented analysts is that they pride themselves on critical thinking – but are not very practiced creative thinkers or collaborators. So when there’s a problem on the table and someone suggests a solution, the critical thinker’s replies are usually about pointing out […]

May 19, 2012


Hannah’s developed this super-awesome habit of calling us out when we’re teasing her or being ridiculous. Like when she asked for another cookie or something and I joked, “no way, you’ve had enough,” she just said, “now… do you really think that mom?” Tonight the older two were carrying her around joking about how light […]

May 13, 2012

House History

I’m still researching my house’s history. I’ve been through the Henderson’s from its beginning up to 1966 and I’m going through the land titles from 2000 back and have reached 1947. I’ve discovered another connection between this house and another house on the block – but I’ll try to put the whole story together for […]